Nonsintetic Project is a web development firm with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. Our main business is developing rich websites and complex web apps. We also have an in-house graphic design department that can take on branding, DTP and general graphics work.

Our Bread & Butter:

Web Development

We generally develop websites based on the Wordpress CMS. We build our own Wordpress templates from scratch to avoid excessive bloat and heavy plugin use. For more complex projects we also develop REST APIs based on API Platform and the Symfony framework.

Our main selling point is developing fully custom systems for Wordpress and high traffic websites that can run on cheap hardware. We optimize our projects for low load-times using caching and minification, even in content rich applications.

We're a full-stack development firm, we can handle anything starting from UI/UX all the way to server deployment and configuration using AWS, dedicated Linux machines, or traditional cPanel based web hosting.

Our design philosophy is to keep everything as simple as possible: anyone can build a bridge that will stand, but it takes an engineer to build a bridge that barely stands. We avoid excessive library usage, if we don't use over half of the features, we write our own.

Graphic design

We've been offering our clients general purpose graphic design services for many years. We tend to only take on long-term graphic design as a service type projects for stable clients, but we might get involved in special fun one time projects.

For Special Projects Only:

Mobile App Development

We've recently started developing Android Apps due to client requests, this side of our business is still young. Stay tuned for more details.

Electronic design and custom Firmware development

As a side-gig we've also been developing simple to medium complexity electronic IoT devices for some of our clients based on the ESP32 WIFI/Bluetooth based microcontrollers.

Sheet metal design

For special projects we can design complex parts or complete products using sheet metal fabrication techniques. We also collaborate with a factory in Ploiești that can manufacture and assemble sheet metal parts or enclosures.

Architecture & Interior Design

Our company started out as an architecture firm, and we've taken on some special projects from time to time, but mostly our portfolio is posted for reference only.